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About Us

When we face the fact that we do not know who we are, or where are we going in this ocean of chaos called life, it has been political, religious and educational authorities the ones who attempted to comfort us by giving us orders and regulations to form in our minds their view of reality. In Phonobox, we reject this reality created by authorities and we believe we can develop one of our own. With this in mind, we create experimental rock songs that combines music styles as Progressive, Industrial, Alternative, Psychedelic and Electronic rock music, influenced by bands such as QOTSA, Pink Floyd, Air, Radiohead and Porcupine Tree.  This results in an ideal experience for those who enjoy altering the state of consciousness through an experimental sonic trip.

Short Bio

In 2010, brothers Alan and Kristo Cardiel began this project in a northwest corner of Mexico City with the purpose of merging the Rock with various genres, in order to find the rhythms and sounds which express better their ideas. Soon, Cesar Flores (now ex-member) and Def Molina would join this project attracted by the proposal and together they created and released independently on August 10, 2012 their debut material entitled Transmissions, an EP consisting of seven songs portraying a dark side of society and its relationship with technology in which Phonobox, experiment with conceptual lyrics and different musical layers, according to fans and people within the music industry, Phonobox shows influences from bands like Radiohead, NIN and Joy Division. In the same year, present the EP in the American-British Museum of Mexico. Currently, Phonobox is working in new music, with Alan Cardiel (vocals and guitar), Def Molina (bass) and Kristo Cardiel (drums, vocals and keyboards).