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Das Unternehemen Review

Published on Friday , June 6th, 2014

Mexican-based progressive rock & electronic trio Phonobox serves up a dissonant, blurry psychedelic sonic triptych via its “Das Unternehmen” (German for “The Company”). The group’s mandate is that as a society, we are controlled by political, religious and educational influences—but liberation is experienced through music. This aural roller coaster ride is guided by a cacophony of instrumentation: from electro blips and bleeps to manic electric guitars and the ever insistent thump of percussion, to drive the message home. Vocalist Alan Cardiel is often buried just beneath the beat, creating all the more disorder from the expected progression of music that is aimed at the mainstream. Wildly creative—with a video clip that conjures an LSD trip—Phonobox definitely breaks the mold with “Das Unternehmen.”

Written by Chuck Taylor

If you haven’t yet…you can check the video right here:

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